newbie multitrack question

Hi, I have a MS Surface Pro 4 I use for staffpad. What else (hardware) do I need to multitrack on it? It has stereo in.

Any multi-channel [u]audio interface[/u] should work.

I’d also recommend a [u]multi-tracking DAW application[/u]. A lot of people have trouble multi-track recording with Audacity. (Multi-track mixing works, but it’s missing a couple of features.)

Or what Steve said - A stand alone recorder or “portastudio” is also a good option. Then you can transfer the files to your computer for mixing. The multi-tasking operating system on a computer sometimes makes it difficult to get smooth capture of a lot of audio data. The operating system is always multitasking and the audio stream can get interrupted, even if you’re running only one application. Once you have the audio files on your hard drive it doesn’t have to work in real-time and interrupts don’t mess-up the “data processing”.

It depends what you mean by “multitrack”.

If you want to record multiple audio sources at the same time, the requirements are substantially greater (and more expensive) than if you want to overdub multiple tracks one at a time.

The easiest way to record multiple audio sources at the same time is to use a standalone multi-channel recorder. They are much easier to set up, and often more reliable that computer based setups.
A few examples:

  • Rode Rodecaster Pro (4 mic channels)
  • Zoom LiveTrak L-12 (8 mic channels)
  • Tascam DP-32 SD (8 mic channels)
  • Zoom LiveTrak L-20 (16 mic channels)

After recording, editing may still be done on a computer based system, which has the benefit of a large display for much easier detailed editing, without the requirement of an expensive multi-channel sound card.

In addition, you will require:

  • Good quality wired headphones
  • Microphones
  • (preferably) near field studio monitor speakers (for mixing)
  • A suitable room for recording

The final item (the recording space) is extremely important when recording with microphones. The room should be very quiet, and substantially free of echoes.

Thanks for the info… I think I want something that doesn’t exist… my little laptop has a stereo record in, but I do not know how to implement it… I want to record 2 tracks binaurally at the some time. is there a program that can split a single stereo input to to separate channels? TIA

See here: