Newbie Mixer Question

Hi Folks,

I got myself a cheap mixer (Wharfdale Pro) with the hopes of being able to record and stream vocals and guitar. My question is, is it possible to use the XLR socket and the 1/4" Input 1 socket at the same time? They both work great by themselves, (xlr for mic and 1/4" for guitar) but the mic overrides the guitar when they’re both in use.

Hope one of you fine people can help this confused simpleton out :slight_smile:

You’ve not said what model the mixer is, so I can’t check the manual (though I presume that you can), but generally if there is an XLR and a Jack socket in the same mixer channel then you can use only one or the other. Most mixers allow you to use the XLR socket in one mixer channel and a Jack socket in a different mixer channel.

Hi Steve, thanks for replying. The model is Connect 502USB. I’ve read through the manual but there’s no mention. But it looks like they’re probably in the same mixer channel. There are other channels, but these are stereo channels and when the guitar is plugged into these there is barely any sound. I guess I’ll have to get an amp to hook up to it.

The Connect 502 USB has 3 channels.
Channel 1 is mono. XLR or 1/4" Jack.
The other 2 channels are stereo “line level” channels and are marked “2/3” and “3/4”.

What you really need is a larger mixer that has more mono input channels, though you may be able to work round the limitation by running the guitar through a preamp, then outputting from the pre-amp into one of the stereo inputs on your mixer.

Alternatively you could record the guitar first, and then “overdub” your vocals (see: