Newbie looking help with Behringer XR18

Hey everyone,

I’m at that clueless level of recording where I don’t blame you if you have nothing but pity for me lol.

OK so I am trying to record from the XR18 into Audacity(2.4.1), but how do I record without any of the EQ or FX are affecting it as I am hoping to just be able to record and send it off to a friend who is actually an engineer. He said to not bother and just get an audio interface but am I correct in saying that the XR18 can act as an audio interface? I understand that it is probably much easier to use an audio interface but the thing is, I want to learn everything about the XR18 and would prefer to not have to buy extra equipment that I don’t really need because I already have it here.

Anyway, I’m actually looking forward to spending some time in this forum and learning how to use audacity and the XR18.


It sounds like you need user support for the XR18 rather than Audacity.
There’s a community facebook group here that may be able to help: