Newbie Intro


I am new to the forum. Let me introduce myself…My name is Glenn and am in Michigan USA. I have searched out this forum after finding a good deal (I think) on a AKAI GX266D Reel to Reel tape machine. I am not familiar with this unit. It powers up and the FF and FR buttons operate the motors when the tension bars have tension. The motors do not operate when just the PLAY and REWIND buttons are activated and the Stop/neutral switch seem to do nothing as well. The motor operating the head powers on when the Play/Rewind button is activated. Do any of you folks have any immediate thoughts to as what the problem may be so that I can move foward with this. I appreciate any & all help

Glenn :smiley:

I hope it’s something simple like a broken drive belt.

Trebor- Thanks so much for your reply and link to HiFiEngine. It motivated me to tear into this Akai I got. Not a belt issue…I jiggled and jingled most all mechanical parts and got the darn thing to work in all mode. Had you not replied with that link, I might have let this sit or took for repair…High $$$. I found this unit on Craigslist this morning at $50 with dust cover and a box of 36 tapes. I gave the fella $40 because the functions did not work properly. He said it was his grandfathers and that it had sat a long time. 1/2 hr drive to and fro $40 and a bit of tinkering and I have 1` very nice unit. Thanks again for your support!

Glenn :wink: