Newbie here

Newbie here, I can’t find an “introduce yourself” thread so this seems to be the nearest thing. I had to re-install windows and lost my copy of Adobe Audition 2015. I downloaded Audacity thinking “it’s free, it’s gonna be crap”. How surprised!!! So many features, so well thought out. I can see there are issues (so has Audition) but I’ve set up my analog/digi converter on it, recorded, manipulated, added effects and saved the output without really looking at help files. Just freakin’ fabulous. I thought the days of free software worth of anything were long gone. You’ve restored an old man’s faith. Cheers!

Welcome to the Audacity forum milano.
(I’ve split your post off into its own topic so as to avoid confusion in the help topic where you posted.)
Glad to hear that you are enjoying your experience with Audacity.