newbie here

how can i record with a mic. for about 60 seconds, stop and then re-record the last 10 seconds. then maybe add and or deleat another 20 seconds after that?

You can delete the end of the show that you don’t want and then use Audacity 1.3 “Append Record” to put a new voice right at the end of the old one.

You can do this forever if everything you do is at the end of the show. Changing something in the middle is much harder.

Somebody posted about doing an “on-the-fly” editing session by making a mistake and quickly pressing Control-B to put a label at that point and then just start talking or performing again. Then you can go back in post production to all the labels and take out the blooper and carefully trim the correction into the show. It’s much faster than constantly stopping and starting and you maintain the rhythm and pace of the work once you get used to it.


Thanks for the reply. Where can I find “append record”?

see this page in the manual:


Under 'Transport" in Audacity 1.3. Also hotkey Shift-R.I don’t think Audacity 1.2 had it – another good reason to upgrade to Audacity 1.3