Newbie Here - ?'s On Using Mixer With Audacity

hiya audacity gurus! (i have windows 10 pro and audacity 2.2.1)

ok, so i’m new, but mildly familiar. i am starting a youtube podcast channel, and will be using a nikon camera (for video) that with a rode ‘video mic’. i also have a (older) plantronics headset with wireless/usb capability and it’s own flip down mic, an audio technica ATR usb mic, and xenyx 302 usb mixer.

i’ve managed to get everything connected, and have managed to do a few things, but honestly, i’m not sure how the mixer is relevant? again, i have it connected - the mic is connected to the mixer, the mixer is connected to my computer - but is seems like i cant tell what the mixer is doing. clearly it’s doing something because i’m recording into audacity… :confused:

so my questions (so far):

  1. how do i use the mixer WITH audacity? i’m not clear about the differences between the mixer and audacity, and how to use them together, if i should.

  2. should i get a newer headset? if so, what do u all recommend. i haven’t used it yet, because i just found it :unamused: and it’s currently charging, lol! … i have been using my cell phone bluetooth headset (an LG retractable).

ps… i am so glad ur all here!!

What do you want to mix? The mixer probably won’t be that useful because it’s made for one stage/studio mic (which you don’t have) and two stereo line-inputs.

Typically, you’d use a mixer with two or more mic inputs to mix yourself plus one or more guests, or you use the USB mixer as an interface, record one mic on the left and another on the right, and then mix/adjust in software in post-production.

I would expect the Audio Technica mic to have better quality than the headset mic but you can decide.

thanks for replying dvdoug! i wasn’t clear, sorry… i will have guests about half the time, so yes, will be using a second mic, which is why i chose a 2 mic mixer. i want to improve sound quality, do editing, and some voice overs (over the video).

so the only differences between a mixer and audacity software (for me at least) is that the mixer allows for 2 ore more mics and can be used for live recordings?

to be clear, i want/need to know HOW audacity software is used together with the mixer (i have a behringer xenyx 302). i’ll be editing and sound quality improvement for audio that i will be using for video (using adobe premiere elements for video editing and will export audio from audacity, at least… that’s the plan, lol!)