Newbie Help - Recording from Vinyl

New to using Audacity and I know little to nothing about this stuff, so I’ll apologize in advance. I’m trying to convert some OOP vinyl to digital and getting a lot of clicking during the playback of the project. I do NOT here this noise while monitoring, so I don’t understand. This is not the random vinyl clicks or pops but a near-constant noise over the recording.

Setup is a follows:

Audio technical AT-LP60X Turntable (set to “line out”)
3.5MM cable >
3.5MM to RCA adapter >
Beheringer UFO202 analog-digital converter >
USB-A-USB-C adapter
MacBook Air running MacOS Monterrey >
Audacity 2.4.1

I don’t speak Mac, but apparently you should try setting the buffer to zero, then gradually increase it …
https ://

Thanks. I’ll give it a try.

I did have to fix my MIDI settings (they were at 48 mHz, not 44.1). I changed the buffer to 0 (and did get dropouts), I turned off the wi-fi and disabled napping.

Still getting the constant clicking. Any other thoughts? Appreciate any help

Is the clicking some kind of regular?
Can you see the clicks in your waveform of the recording? (you may post a screenshot or even send a example recording)
Does the clicking occur when you use this recording setup with another source (= not the turntable)?

Long day at work. I’ll try to upload a sample and do some other testing.

Just to be sure, I tried a different record and still got the clicking. I haven’t tried using phono out and then using the built-in amplifier to the UFO202

Attached is a screen shot of the wave form and a clip of what I’m hearing (though I do not hear the clicking when monitoring):
Mac Clicking.jpg

Ok…this is weird. I don’t hear the clicking on the sample, but I hear it when I listen to it in audacity.

You stated you’re using Monterey so have you tried the newer Audacity 3.1.3? The 2.4 versions are a few years old.

It also could be an incompatibility with your d/a converter so maybe a search for issues with that might come up with something.