newbie help, quiet voice noisy background

Hi, I’m new to voice recording / audio editing. I’m using cheap equipment including a $5 microphone and recorded some friends in public the other day. But as the title states, the voices are nearly inaudible and the background noise is overwhelming. I did a google search and found Audacity and spent a few hours trying to modify the sound using the Amplify and Noise Removal features of the program. Unfortunately I was unable to improve the quality of my file. Somebody please help. Here’s a 7 second clip to show you what I’m dealing with:

It sounds like you were recording in a swimming pool with a $5 microphone and a rubbish sound card.
The best that you can do is to delete it. It’s beyond repair.

For a better recording, try using a $15 USB microphone in a quiet location with plenty of soft furnishings and the people talking close to the microphone (basically everything the opposite to that first recording).