Newbie - Help needed in removing Backgrond/Noise/Pops/

Hi Guys,
I have been using a Windows7 HP Laptop’s inbuilt microphone to record a standard living room conversation. I tested it by using various ‘audio levels’ and on all occassions, I capture following two annoying issues which I just cannot get rid of ! I have tried all possible ‘effects’, but have run out of options (I have no idea about Acoustics/waves/db, etc!). Please listen to the attached sample.wave…I need to get rid of…
(1) The consistent background hum
(2) The lady’s voice creating some ‘pops’/red lines

Help massively appreciated. I am keen to learn the basics of audio-editing !

Please don’t double post - there’s a limited number of people that help out here.

Unfortunately we can’t help with that audio sample - it is damaged beyond repair.

What equipment are you recording with?


Sincere apologies for duplicate entries on this issue. I did try to search for a ‘delete’ icon but couldn’t find it.
Re - Damaged audio : I converted the audio sample into .wav format and what you hear is what I could hear on the Audacity-Project.
I used the inbuilt microphone functionality of the standard HP laptop. Pretty amateurish (compared to most guys on here), but there you go.
Is that why the original recording is of low quality ??


The first and most obvious problem is that the recording level is far too high.
Check the recording input settings in the Windows Sound Control Panel and see if you can reduce the recording level so that the waveform in Audacity is about half the height of the audio track.
(you may be able to adjust the recording level using the Input Slider in Audacity, but this adjustment is not always available.

You should be knighted in the Audio Kingdom !
I’ve just fiddled with the Windows7–>Sound Settings–>Microphone - settings. I found out that there was a ‘Bass boost’ field that had a ‘maximum’ setting selected. I brought it right down and recorded again to find out that the background noise was virtually nil !
Thanks mate !!