Newbie basic recording question

I’m new to both Audacity and the forum. I have a recording problem, I’ve tried searching FAQ and this forum, but I can’t find the answer (maybe because it’s so simple no-one else has asked!). When I record a track (from iTunes, dragging the track in to Audacity), all is well. However, when I attempt to add a second track after the first, it always adds it as a parallel track rather than adding it after the first. Overdub is off, so that’s not the problem, no matter how I try to add a track after the first, it always ends up as a new track under the first. What am I (stupidly, no doubt) doing wrong?

Hi Glyn,
Press “P” on your keyboard to pause the recording. Press “P” again to resume recording.

Press “Shift+R” to “Append Record” (“Transfer” menu).


When dragging a track into Audacity, we call that “importing” (the same as using “File menu > Import > Audio”) so as distinguish it from “recording” as you would “record with a microphone” or “record from the radio”.

Yes, that is intentional. That is to make it possible to create “multi-track” projects, for example, a speech track, and then sound effects on another track and background music on another (like in a radio play).

If you want each “imported” track to follow on from the previous one, just import them as you are doing (one track above the other) and then “select” all of the tracks (Shortcut: Ctrl+A), then from the “Tracks” menu select “Align Tracks > Align End to End”. The tracks will then slide (magically) so that each track is aligned end to end with the previous track.

Because the imported “songs” are still on separate tracks, you can adjust the exact position if necessary by using the Time Shift tool. When making a “compilation” of multiple songs, it is often nice to overlap the tracks a little so that the next track starts slightly before the previous track finishes. On the other hand, if you want a short gap between each imported file, use the Time Shift tool to slide the tracks so there is a short gap between tracks.

When you “Export” the project to create a new audio file, the tracks are automatically “mixed” (combined) to form one track.

Excellent! Thanks for your help, all is clear(er) now. All I need to do now is master inserting voice between the tracks and and I have a radio show!!