Newbie asking 4 help adding short silence to file

I’m hoping to add a short silence—either ‘white noise’ or dead silence to the end of my music tracks without losing any of the music or it’s quality. This is so tracks won’t ‘run into each other’ during play. I suppose that one way to do this would be to append a file of silence, but I don’t have such. I’ve perused the tutorials, F.A.Q., etc., but found no help. Thanks for your consideration!

Click where you want to insert the silence, Generate > Silence then choose the length of silence: .

If you generate noise you will want to choose a very low amplitude level.


Super! Thanks so much. Now I’ll try and figure out how to batch process. I should be able to do that myself, but . . . ;^)

After trimming the end to two seconds, I zoom in → highlight the last two seconds → Edit (upper text menu) → Remove Audio → Silence Audio.

Thanks. That leaves the total length of audio the same (you are replacing the last two seconds of fade out or whatever it was with silence).

Generate > Silence will insert audio if you don’t make a selection, adding to the length of the track.

It depends what you want to do.