Newbie alert! No sound when trying to record.

First off let me say I am completely new to audio recording of any sorts. I have just fiddled around on my bass but now I want to start recording.
Please be kind and patient with me.

Here is my setup.
Mac Book Pro running Catalina (latest OS 10.5.3)
Audacity 2.3.3

I have a Mackie Pro FX8v2 mixer plugged in via USB to my Mac. I have 2 studio speakers connected to the mixers Main Out.
My Bass amp is plugged into the line out on the bass amp via XLR cable into channel 1 on the mixer.
On the Mac I go to Audio MIDI setup and select: USB Audio CODEC1.

If I try to play my bass through my studio studio speakers I can hear it fine, it will also play MP3s fine. It being the Mixer/computer.

Now enter Audacity. I want to record my bass but when I hit record nothing is recorded total silence.
According to Mackie there is no driver needed. Is this wrong if so where can I find it Mackie doesn’t seem to have one?

In Audacity I see the following:
Far left: Core Audio - drop down box that has no other items just Core Audio
Next to the Microphone icon the drop down has 2 options, microphone and USB Audio CODEC. I have tried both again total silence.
Next to that is set to 2 (Stereo) Recording Channels, I have the option to do MONO
Next to that is the Speaker Icon drop down: has 2 options, microphone and USB Audio CODEC. I have tried both again total silence.

Current settings: Core Audio, USB Audio CODEC, 2 STEREO, USB Audio CODEC respectively.

If I drag an MP3 file and hit play I can hear it perfectly from my studio speakers.

If for example I play a song on amazon music streaming (no audacity just the mixer I can hear the song + my bass).

I tried the built in Garageband software the comes with the Mac but I am having issues there where the bass line is very low no matter what volume settings I change both in Garageband and my Mac and there is a hissing sound. I only mention Garageband because this tells me that my bass signal is making into Garageband. Not looking to troubleshoot this. But to me this tells me the mixer setup works. Its just a matter of setting up Audacity right.

I’m sure its something dumb I’m missing. Please help I’ve never done this and I am quite lost.
Thank you all in advance.