newbie advice please !!

Hi guys & gals - i’ve suffered sever tinnitus through a recent injury, and as such need white-noise sounds in the background when all is quiet to mask my tinnitus.

I have found a couple of thundershower mp3 tracks that help me, but there is a problem. The rain sounds are a perfect volume, and are consistent. However, the thunder/lightning cracks are way above the rain volume. I would like to keep all sounds on the track, just lower the volume of the thunder/lightning - is this possible with audacity?

many thanks to all - you will be helping me more than could ever know !!


I thought that responded to playing a low-level tone at the same pitch as your head is playing. The white noise thing is new (to me).

Have you tried generating your own white/pink noise with Audacity? That would give you your own “waves crashing on the beach/rain in the leaves” noise without having to take the lightning out.

You can edit out all the thunders. Remove the DC and select and delete each crash. It should be a snap to find them. They stick up. Then take the storm and loop it. Instant four-hour long iPod presentation. Shshshshshshshs

Way down on the list is compressing the storm. That’s a good band name. Let me write that down.

Anyway. Chris’s Compressor is a really good way to “level out” all the parts of your show without it seeming to do anything.

Chris’s Compressor

I use a compression setting of 0.7 instead of the default and it works for me without doing anything else. Unless you like the thunder, this is the last option.



David R, Sky offers free plug-ins for Audacity which generate surf and wind sounds which could be used to mask tinnitus …