newbi-change speed of audio

I am thinking about using audacity to correct the audio coming from a vhs tape that is being transferred to DVD via studio 9 with DigitalVideocreator 80. When the VHS was made, they did not have the super 8 speed correctly set and the voices were speeded up. Currently sounds like the person is on helium. Also, I was able to open a song in audacity, was not able to open studio 9 file that could be opened via windows media. Not sure if adjusting the audio, will then have an effect on the video. . . . .

Audacity does not support video. If you want to process the audio track from a video, you need to use your video software to export the audio as a wav file. You can then process it in Audacity - Export (not “Save”) from Audacity as a wav file, and import it back into your video project.

If the super 8 speed was incorrect, then the video (as well as the audio) will be at the wrong speed. Correcting this can only be done with video software and not with Audacity. If your video software can not change the speed, then you can use Audacity to change the pitch of the audio (Effects->Change Pitch) but it will still sound too quick, and there will be a noticeable deterioration of the sound quality.