Newb Question - L/R Balance?

I just acquired an Ion USB turntable, and have been digitizing a bunch of 30+ year old albums. 20 albums in I discovered something odd. One of my albums is from 1960, “Command Stereo Checkout” - I guess when stereo was still new-fangled, albums like this were sold to test out your turntable and speaker placement. I thought I’d digitize it just for completeness’ sake. My system ‘failed’ the second test, when the narrator of the album said, “Here I am in the middle, Here I am walking over to just the left track, and here (murmur murmur murmur)”

I kept checking, and found a few novelty-type recording with extreme left to right switching and what I’m hearing in Audacity is that both left and right tracks seem to be recording identically, no matter what the album is supposed to sound like. If something is supposed to be only on the left track or middle it sounds ‘normal’, but anything on the right track is extremely quiet (but equally on both tracks, at least according to Audacity).

Is there any obvious setting in Audacity I’m missing or does it sound like the turntable?

Vista, Dell, Ion turntable connected by USB, Audacity version 1.2.4

In the words of Emily Latella, “Nevermind”.

For future reference (anyone looking for the solution) - Follow the directions at: to fix it.

Gawd I hate Vista.


You should upgrade to the latest stable of Audacity which is 1.2.6 - some bugs which existed in 1.2.4 are fixed there.

You can download this from - also if you click on the Help tab there you will find usefula FAQs and the Audacity Wiki with lots of helpful advice

As you are transcribing LPs you may consider also downloading the Beta version 1.3.3 - it offers much improved handling of track labels. Be aware that you can have 1.2 and 1.3 on the same computer - just note carefully that nce you have omoved a project to 1.3 you cannot take it back to 1.2 - so take a backup copy before you open a 1.2 project in 1.3. Although 1.3 is labelled “unstable” - I now only use 1.3 - and my use is transcribing/repairing LPs/tapes/MDs - and it has proved perfectly stable for this relatively humble task (though I do hit the Ctrl-S buton to Save the project very frequently while I am working on editing a project).


Thanks - I’ll look into it, especially since I’m re-starting from scratch. And, thanks for the patience for someone posting what turned out to be a non-Audacity problem :slight_smile: