I saw an ad for a new version on facebook…
I installed it … thinking … should i really do this ?

got it … playing some text to speech on my comp and find thatt audacity isn t recording it !!!

( knew I should nt have messed about )

Am I going to spend the next 3 days trying to fix this prob !!!

Im on windows 10

thanks for any comment or advice !!!

the pref right now


Set recording device host in Audacity preferences to WASAPI to record the computer speakers …

Audacity Preferences, Devices, Host, Windows WASAPI.png
Then you’ll have to close all Audacity Windows, then restart Audacity for that change to take effect.

think I may have solved it …

changed to windows wasap

changed to hi def windows loopback … this could be the key !

I remem though when I installed it did ask me … do you want to keep your settings and
I said yes…

so really , I should nt have had this prob !

But thanks for the good advice …


suddenly find that Im not manageing to record an aduio signal from a cassette player fed into the computor

Im getting sound ok in the computor speakers but I press record on audacity and just a flat line.

Im manageing to record audio from U Tube etc no probs

Any idea why I suddenly cant record audio from this line in ?

my main settings are …

windows wasap
speakers realtek hi def loopback
sterio recording channel
speakers realtech hi def

thanks for any comments or advice …

STRANGE… I just changed wasap to … windows direct sound… and now find I can

record from this cassette music centre ! but now the U Tube signal will not appear in there !!!

will I have to just change between those two … ? wasap when I want to record U tube or internet radio

and windows direct sound when I want to record by line in ?

“WASAPI loopback” should only be used for recording sounds that are playing on your computer.