New Version of Audacity: 1.3.5 "Filename" problem


I’m really trying out some of the helpful hints others have submitted in cleaning up my vinyl collection. I find the “reverse audio” when working on “declicking” especially interesting, and will know more if I see an improvement after I hook up my studio headset. Some of you are WAY ahead of me in the knowledge and experience area, but I hope to learn as I go, read alot, and practice. My goal is to surprise my Dad with a set of cool audio DVDs of his treasured Jack DeMello music we listened to for hours back in the mid-to-late 60’s, while living in the Islands.

I noticed one frustrating difference between the newest Beta version, 1.3.5, and the prior “stable” version I used: I used to be able to glance up at the top and see the Filename I had assigned to the audio. Now it’s not there. The only place I found a filename was in the box below the spectrograph, just to the right of the “x”—between the “x” and the “down arrow.” It’s truncated quite a bit, especially since I put info into the filenames, and can be long. Now, if I click on the little space where the partial name is exposed, I then get the full name, PLUS a “1” added on. Must be something I missed when setting up the Preferences.

Anyhow, is there a way to put the Audio Filename somewhere in “full view,” so I can glance & verify that I’m not working on the wrong file (like I did Sunday afternoon…).


When you first open Audacity, it just says “Audacity”

If you “Import” an audio file, this will change to the name of the file (only for the first file)

Once you have saved a project, Audacity 1.3.5 shows the “Project Name” at the top.

Be sure to only use valid characters in file names - best to stick to letters (a to z A to Z), numbers (0 to 9), space ( ), hyphen (-) and underscore (_). If your files are going on the internet, avoid spaces and use underscore instead.
Don’t use special characters like /*.,&!£$¬+=#()[]{}:@

Hope that helps.