New Version 2.0.3 has disabled my recording capability

  1. The old version of audacity was working fine. I could stream audio from the computer and record from cd’s
  2. When I downloaded the new version 2.0.3, I am not able to record from cds or stream audio from my computer.
    However, I can drag and drop audio files for play back and it sounds great.
  3. Something has changed in the setup which is not allowing me to receive any signal or audio.
  4. I’m running windows 7.
  5. Please help :frowning:

There is no need to record from CD playback and lose quality that way. Here is how to extract the CD tracks to directly to WAV files: .

Note that CDex lets you extract arbitrary time ranges so it doesn’t have to be a complete CD track.

If you have changed to Windows 7 or a new computer, this is the reason for the problem. Please read .


Still cannot stream/record audio from my computer. I was able to do that with my old version before I upgraded. I have been running widows 7 with the old version and I’m still running windows 7. Can someone walk me through my setup. HELP

Even if you were on Windows 7 before, please read the link I gave above: .

That has steps you can follow.

You won’t be able to record computer playback unless you have enabled the stereo mix or similar device in Windows and then selected that input device in Audacity’s Device Toolbar .

If you still cannot record after following all the steps please say exactly what happens when you choose stereo mix or similar in Device Toolbar then try to record.