New user

Help…I sing incredibly loud. When I hit high(loud) notes, it sounds terrible scratchy on playback. How do I edit that? Any other good tips to a new user?

If you have a powerful, robust (loud) voice, it will pay very handsomely to adjust the microphone or recording system so you do not overload, clip or distort. I only say that because once you create damage like that, that’s the end of the show. You can’t remove it.

You need to keep one eye on the red recording meters and never, ever allow them to go all the way to the right…

…and never let the blue waves fill the channel top to bottom.

You can click on the right-hand edge of the meters and pull so they get bigger.

That’s why the meters are there. You can’t do this just by listening. If you tell us how you’re doing the recording, type of microphone and mixer, we can give you a better idea how to do this. Recording live voice is not trivial, particularly if you have a dramatic voice.