new user troub's

I just got my Music Hall USB-1 home, connected it to my computer loaded software and hit the record button.
I got an error message saying that there was trouble with my sound device “please check sample rate and blah, blah.”
I go to device properties and see that my computer does not recognize the device (turntable) and that windows will not let her function.
Actually, when I go to Audacity Preferences, under the I/O tab there is nothing in the device box for recording.
Arent I supposed to see USB Audio CODEC there?
Why is my compuker not recognizing this device???
Any help out there would be greatly appreciated

It sounds as if you are using an obsolete version of Audacity. Uninstall your old version of Audacity then get the latest version here: .

Then before starting the new version of Audacity, try these steps: