New user rules

I’ve seen what seem to be a few conflicting posts on this subject, so I hope you don’t mind me asking this question again. I’m certainly not trying to be a pain!

How much and what sort of participation level is required before my posts don’t need approval, and I can also use other features of the forum such as private messages?

I can’t even view the “Newly Registered Users” usergroup, which seems a bit bizarre since that’s exactly what I am.

Just a suggestion, and maybe it’s possible and I haven’t found how to do it… It would be nice to be able to view posts that are awaiting approval, to ensure they were indeed submitted successfully.

Thank you!

  • Craig

We are something of a slave to the forum software and presets. “You” have to be moderated because of too many people trying to sell us things.

Everybody starts out the same way; allowing everybody to post immediately and have an elf go in later and “clean it up.” We spent most of our time cleaning up—and then there’s the smut and evil posts…

I live in Los Angeles. I’m not interested in buying Kitchen Cabinets in Manchester.

So yes, you have to wait, although this forum is pretty snappy. There are support elves over 9 time zones.

If your posting is complex you will find one magic point where posts just start appearing on their own. I’m not sure what that time is.

There is supposed to be a notice not to double post. Enough people ignore it that I suspect it’s not too obvious—or more likely buried in a pile of other instructions.


Fair enough, thanks again for your time!

To piggy back on this, I have zero posts and started a thread, which disappeared. It doesn’t appear to be in moderation - just didn’t go anywhere.

Is that normal behaviour?

Is that normal behaviour?

It is if you appear to be trying to advocate for a cause or sell us something.
Or, since you appear to still be here, you post something for which the elves have no idea, or simply haven’t gotten to yet.

Then there’s the occasional forum maintenance.