New questions

Hello…I have just recently become interested in making and editing video and, as a consequence, I found need of a program just like this one, and was excited to begin learning and using this valuable tool. My first question (probably of many) involves the Help section of the program. I find that the online manuals are quite helpful, but I do a lot of the editing parts of my different tasks while at work, with no internet connection. Is there not a way to find and download the manual for this great program and have it available without having to use it from my browser? If I have overlooked an obvious answer to this question, please forgive the intrusion, but having the help manual accessible from my harddrive rather than having to go online to answer simple or even difficult questions, would really simplify things for someone like me - a new and inexperienced user. Thanks for any response.

The Windows “.exe” installer comes with the help files. The Zip compressed program suite does not. Do you remember how you installed Audacity – and on what? You posted in a portion of the forum where we can’t tell anything about you.


I guess, first off, I should apologize for posting in the wrong place…like I said in the original post, I am new to this.
Second, thanks so much for the rapid response. It was quite refreshing. I downloaded and installed Audacity 2.0.1.exe. to my laptop, running Windows 7 Home, 64bit, 4 GB RAM with Intel Core i3 processor.
Once installed, when I went to the Help tab, what I saw was Quick Help (in web browser), and Manual (in web browser). I assumed (which was probably my first mistake) that if it opens in my web browser, it must be accessing the information over my internet connection. Therefore, I was not sure that I could access it while offline.
Again, sorry for the erroneous posting in the wrong location, but thanks very much for the answer.

I moved the topic to the Windows forum for you.