New User needing help!

I am very new to audacity but have been editing videos for a while. I have and interview with someone but there is someone playing table tennis in the background- so there is a high pitch clicking type thing in the background which I would love to get rid of or at least reduce?? Any suggestions or help would be so very appreciated!!
Thank you!

I have audacity 2.3.0 with… windows 10 pro and some other stuff probably?

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It’s probably not just the ball clicks right? It’s also the two players yelling at each other?

You may be able to use one of the vinyl clicking tools.

How were you recording the interview? Field recording is not for the easily frightened.


That’s from the Park Bench podcasts. Matt (on the left) is a broadcast engineer.

Screen Shot 2019-01-04 at 01.55.23.png
What’s notable about that is sometimes Tom (on the right) does podcasts by himself and his success rate is terrible compared to the both of them (and Matt has his own podcasts).


Were you a public area with background music? You can’t publish music without making special arrangements (plus making editing a nightmare).

When you see public restaurant interviews or theatrical shoots, those are many times staged to avoid problems like this. That famous restaurant scene in When Harry Met Sally was completely staged. When that woman says “I’ll have what she’s having,” that was the director’s mum.


Sorry! I didn’t mean to triple post!! I just clicked submit a bunch of times… sorry.

There’s no yelling! I am very aware on how to correctly conduct an interview.
But I instructed the person filming (I couldn’t make it at the time) to have the interview with people playing table tennis in the background so it creates an interesting shot - however they did it too close and I’ve ended up with audio which only has this annoying ticking in the background and some echo which I’ve already edited out.

Only need to get rid of this high pitch ticking!!

Thank you so much for the link it’s been super helpful!