New user: Need to record podcast with music overlays, intros and outros. I am lost.


I am relaunching my podcast, but this time, I have no engineer or producers. I need help.

During the show, we feature soundbites, sounds, my intro and outro. I’ve watched the how-to videos and embarrassingly still feel lost. Please help. Thanks!

I have no engineer or producers.

That was my first idea. Hire an engineer and producer.

What’s the show? You never actually hit it. We need the Log Line in Hollywood-Speak. “I talk to my parents for hours.”

How long are you projecting the show to be? After you get rolling and are familiar with the tools and techniques, a properly edited production will take about five times the length of the show. That’s remarkably accurate. So if you’re accustomed to announcing the work and then going to dinner, this will be a nasty surprise.

If you note all the podcasts that are awkward and a complete waste of time, you might also note they they have few if any cuts and edits. The presenter makes you sit through all the mistakes and do-overs.

I…am not going to do that.

I think I would write one more check and get your old engineer and producer to show you how they did it.


Really, Windows XP? What kind of phone?


Do you have an old show you can point us to? The forum will only support about ten seconds of stereo WAV, 20 seconds in Mono, and longer yet in MP3.


Don’t let the Log Line throw you. There’s a British show I like called “All The Stations.” It has since expanded into other similar venues and variations, but the original show did OK. The episodes have between 50,000 and 100,000 views. They generated a whole ecosystem, format, and fan base.

The Log Line? “Vici and Geoff get on a train and then they get off.” Sounds deadly doesn’t it? They’re in their fourth year.

Geoff let a couple of production items slip during one of the shows. “Don’t call attention to [some rail feature] because then I’ll have to shoot it and it will make editing harder.”

You start building your post production editing into the live shoot.

Whatever your format is, don’t build Zoom (or Skype) into the live show. If you need to, it is recommended that you let Zoom record it. It’s insanely hard to locally record a Zoom meeting.

Do a dress rehearsal all the way through before you commit to The Real Thing. Lots of nasty surprises.


I don’t know anybody who does this, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. Get good at just recording the show, we can help there, and then ship the work off to someone else for post production editing. If posting the works on-line is too much of a problem, (my internet connection won’t do that), push everything over to a thumb drive and mail it.

You might be able to ship it all off to the original Producer and Engineer.


Drag-n-drop audio files into Audacity, then change their position time-shift tool