New user, need help with specific effect.

Hello chaps! I have recently acquired audacity and I must say, it is quite daunting. But I came here with but a vision! A vision to embark onto a journey most glorious, in order to achieve the voice effect I wish for! I have 2 such examples of what I want, in a video technology form via youtube. If you could be so kind, I would appreciate assistance on what exactly I should do in order to achieve this level of horror in my voice recordings. Please, leave no small detail unsaid, as I am quite the “n00b” as you fine gentlemen say.

I am using a windows 7 64 bit computer-matron, with a G-35 Logitech-nological headset. This magnificent device allows me to record my voice via crappy microphone. But perhaps better equipment is in store if results prove worthy of my time.

The 2 videos in question that demonstrate what I want are here.

And skip to 45 seconds on this next one.

If thou users of audacity are to provide help on getting as close as possible to what is heard in these videos, I would be most grateful. So long.

Any general tips also welcome.

Add a little bit of reverb (GVerb effect) with a short reverb time (about 0.3 seconds).
Then reverse the track.
Then apply GVerb again with a longer reverb time (about 1 second).
Then reverse it again so that it is right way round.

Here’s an example from that video - I also slowed it down a bit with “Sliding Time Scale / Pitch Shift” because she was talking rather quickly.
Make it more effective by “acting the part” when you record your voice.