New user- need help with recording. Please!!

Hello everyone! I am new to Audacity. I have Windows 7 and I am using Audacity 2.0.5. I came across this awesome software during my obsession to figure out what was said on my voicemail. The caller is obviously trying to disguise their voice and the recording sounds similar to EVP. Using Audacity, I have been trying for 4 hours now and I just can’t seem to figure out more than 2 words. I got the message 3 days ago and I am now starting to think that it’s a lost cause. Before I give up, I am reaching out to ask for help. I have posted a clip for any and all to listen to. Hopefully someone can tell me what it says or if it’s useless. I am also willing to email the whole clip and anyone who wants can use their software to see what they can do with it. The message is about 15-19 seconds total. Thanks to all! Glad I found this forum and the Audacity software! :slight_smile:

Glad you like Audacity :wink:

Unfortunately if the sound quality is anywhere near as bad as you suggest then it is a lost cause. An expert in audio forensics with state of the art equipment may be able to make some small amount of improvement. The “state of the art” is nowhere near as good as CSI suggest :wink:

We do not offer an audio forensics service, either paid or unpaid, so if that is what you require then you will need to look for a suitably qualified professional in that field.

I have posted a clip for any and all to listen to.

Where’s that?

Realistically, other than experimenting with the Equalizer effect, there probably isn’t much you can do.

The stuff you see in spy movies where they can pull a conversation out of crowd-noise, etc., is science fiction.

The problem is, the human voice isn’t a single frequency. It’s a range of frequencies & overtones covering most of the audio band, and those frequencies (tones) are constantly changing. If you can’t hear the speech through the noise, the noise probably occupies the same frequency-bands. Most broadband noise sources also contain constantly-changing frequencies.

In fact, the human brain is often a better filter than any software, especially “live” where the noise and conversation are coming from different directions. If you’ve ever recorded a live event or used a camcorder, you’ve probably noticed that the background noise seems a lot worse on the recording where the signal and noise are coming from the same direction.

Hi Steve, thanks for replying. It may not be as bad as I’ve made it sound. I’m new to the Audacity software, so I assumed That I am just to new to know what to do with the audio to enhance it. Care to listen? Please.

DVDdoug…thanks for replying. It didn’t attach the first time I see, but I am trying again…give me a couple minutes switching devices.

Sorry…I’m embarrassed to admit this because I thought I had it all figured out how to send a file. I keep getting file is too big. I have narrowed it down to 3 seconds and it’s still not allowing me to attach. Still trying…

Finally! Thanks for your patience.

That sounds very highly processed. Did you try to help it along before you posted it? We need as close to the original noisy files as you can get it.

As it stands, nobody is going to get anything valuable out of that.


Hi Kozikowski. You are exactly right, it’s not the original. I do have the original, but in email format supplied by Google Voice. I didn’t know how to reformat the audio, so I thought I would be creative. I’m sorry, it never dawned on me that it might affect the sound. Any suggestions?

I think he’s asking if you already tried to fix it. Does the uploaded WAV sound (significantly) different from your original? Re-formatting it to WAV shouldn’t change anything.

I converted the voicemail to a WAV file by…opening the email and playing the voicemail, while my iphone mic (on speaker) was next to the ipad mic and created a voice memo and converted the voice memo to the m4a file; Then converted that file to a Wav file. I am searching for options to convert the voicemail straight from my iphone.

I listened to the sample. It is as bad, and it is beyond hope.