New user need help getting started recording voice track

Hi - I am a new user, and have spent the last 3 frustrating hours just trying to get started recording a simple “testing 123” - can someone help me with some specifics on some of the basics? The FAQ’s and help files have not been helpful. I am working on a PC / windows. When I open and hit record, it doesn’t seem to be recording anything, but I can’t tell because I can’t get anything to play back either. I will mostly be using this to record voice notes / audio presentations. Thanks!

Hi there,

the basics can be found at and they should help.

if audacity is recording you should see the wave form appear across the screen as seen at the bottom of this page at

if you cant see this then chances are you have not connected things properly or your settings are incorrect. you will need to provide more info for people to help more than the tutorials, ie equipment, how are you trying to record, are you plugging straight into the mic in or the line on your computer. have you selected these in audacity. For example if you are plugged into the line in then make sure you have selcected line in on the input selector. is the input slider all the way to the left, if so move it to the right and see if you get some sound, you may have the recording volume to low.

good luck