new user help

Ubuntu 14.04
Audacity 2.0.5
I wanted to load a 40 minute talk audio piece into Audacity to edit it. I had to change the files on the CD into flac and then was able to import it.They were WAV files but locked and wouldnt respond to loading them so I changed them to flac.They load ok now.
Its a 40 minute speech that plays on the CD as one continuous talk but when I ripped it …it showed up as 9 tracks.Dont know why…???
I wanted to play the speech fully and edit out some stupid stuff out,then save it and export it and burn it to a new CD in its edited version.These tracks are stereo.

Anyway I have 9 tracks that load into Audacity as tracks.I read that I could cut and paste them end to end so I highlighted the second track and right clik but nothing happened…where is the cut choice??? I was going to cut and paste each track to the end of the track above it…Is there a better way to do this?? And where is the cut tool???

Drag’n’drop all 9 tracks (in one go) into the waveform area of an Audacity window.
Then use “align end to end”. Then “mix and render” to create one track.