New user Help,again

I,clicked on a song in my PC.It,says cannot recognize it.Download FFmpeg(i already have it) Then it says,or do RAW files.It,is very distorted.Yesterday,I played a WAV file,it worked. Not,sure how to do anything>Iv’e been reading infro page. Pat

What’s the file format? Does it play in Windows Media Player?

Go to Edit → Preferences → Libraries.
If FFmpeg is installed you should see something like “FFmpeg Library Version F(55.33.100), C(55.52.102), U(52.56.100)”

Then it says,or do RAW files

RAW only works on uncompressed files and then you have to know (or guess) the bit depth, sample rate, number of channels, and a couple of other things.

Compression is a lot like encryption. If you open the raw-compressed data without properly decoding/decompressing it, it’s just “garbage” or noise. One clue (besides the file name extension) is the playing time. If you have a 3-minute song and it opens as 30 seconds of raw noise, the file is compressed. But even if you have a good-uncompressed file, “guessing” the wrong parameters will also change the playing time and it can result in garbage/noise.