New User - Having Problems ? Cant hear track over static

Audacity 2.0.05 - Windows 7

Found my old 12" singles collection, decided I wanted to copy them, told Audacity was this best & easiest. Printed of `How to Set up Audacity’, Basic Recording & Play from manual which I thought would be enough to get me started. Set up as instructed or so I think. Press save project as - set vinyl running & pressed record then stop. As instructed open export to save as wav file and pressed save project. Entered track details, jobs a good un - so I thought.

Pressed open within Aud to play track back, which it kind of did but I could hardly hear the track behind the static, increased volume, just increased static. Opened wav track in Windows player, got the same. Have tried about 20 variants, I am assuming it will be something basic which I have missed. To save question back to me, my stereo has been connected to my computer for years as I occasionally play lp’s through my computer, my output is set on `high definition’, my input on microphone (3 microsoft LifeCam) though I have also tried line in (high definition). The audio host I havnt changed from nme.

I can understand editing crackles etc possibly being complicated but recording shouldnt be - someone I hope will look at this and say what a plonker, he just needs to do this. Hopefully someone will, as I don’t want to waste another few hours getting no where

Many thanks in anticipation

my stereo has been connected to my computer for years as I occasionally play lp’s through my computer

Is that sill l working? If you can hear good quality audio through the computer, you can record it. But, Windows has separate recording & playback “mixers”, so you don’t necessarily record what you hear.

my input on microphone (3 microsoft LifeCam)

Assuming the stereo is connected to line-in, you need to select line-in as your recording source. If you can’t get it set-up, [u]this page[/u] may help.

my output is set on `high definition’,

Since we want to record the input, that shouldn’t matter.

Hi DVDDoug. Thanks for your points. I have tried several variants but though I can see my computer can hear the tracks through the waveforms, I can still not play anything back.

As you stated I thought I would go back to basics & check what was plugged into where. This is what I had. A lead that comes behind my desk & heads back to my stereo was plugged into a splitter then into blue. In the green was another splitter with the green lead coming from computer speaker power box and another black double cable which feeds back to the white & red jack plugs of the stereo speakers.

Though when I played a record thru the comp speaker it sounded low, so I unplugged the black & green splitter and the sound became normal, so I assumed this did not want to be plugged in, though if I took the black out lost sound, so even though the green & black are not plugged in they are connected via the splitter. And if I plug all 3 cables in via splitters to the blue sound is fine to listen to. Odd.

I even get waveforms with none of the connectors plugged in. Depending on what I had plugged in made the difference between picking high def line in of having to use lifecam as line in. Most would give me wave form

But on all I would start monitor, set disc going, press record then stop, export to wav then save project. Go back into files and fing both, but press play on either & no sound through audacity nor windows player.

Anymore ideas ?