New User Completely Lost

I have cassette tapes that I want to transfer to my laptop. My laptop is a HP Windows 10. I have a Teac Dual Cassette Stereo player which is part of our entertainment system. I went to Best Buy and spoke to an employee there who said that all I need is the RCA dual plug for the cassette player and the input plug that goes in to the MIC on my laptop. He also said to download the Audacity app and that’s all I would need.

I did as he said and additionally bought a flash drive in which to place all of my music transferred from the cassettes.

I downloaded 2.3.2 and followed the manual provided. I watched a few you tubes and what they show, is NOT what I see on mine. One guy said to never use the MIC jack as input, always use the headphone jack. Well, on my laptop, I only have the MIC jack. I have no headphones jack.

Ok so after all of this, here is my question. I tried to record a song from the cassette to see how it works and I am not only recording from the cassette but its catching all the sounds not on the cassette. (My phone rang and it was recorded)… I have a microphone on my laptop which is with the camera on the top of the laptop lid. I have tried to disable that but I’m not managing to get that done. Everything that I am reading and seeing online is NOT what I am seeing with my download of Audacity.

What am I doing wrong? I appreciate any help as I am not the computer wiz that many of you are.

Thanks in advance, Ninee

One reason there are so many conflicting ideas on the internet is the number of different connections on the side of your laptop. Some are compatible with your tape machine and some aren’t depending on manufacturer and age.

Without going through the list, I use a simple Behringer UCA-202 as an interface between analog things like sound mixers, music systems and tape machines.

Here it is again with my small sound mixer.

Please note that there is no adapter cable. It’s a straight RCA Stereo to RCA Stereo cable. The Behringer has a place to put your headphones to make sure the sound is making it that far. Select Monitor On and adjust headphone volume.

I used it to connect my music keyboard to my computer. That one was an adapter cable because my keyboard only has a headphone connection.

Connect everything and then run Audacity (not the other way around). The Behringer will arrive as USB Audio CODEC, Stereo.

Screen Shot 2019-10-20 at 12.56.04.png
Press Play on the tape machine and Record in Audacity and see if the sound goes through.

This isn’t the only way to do this. There is a fancier adapter with a recording volume control. I have to look that one up.


Art Audio.


Thank you so very much for your help… I will look for this Behringer and hopefully I can get these cassettes copied to my laptop soon… thank you again…

I purchased the Behringer 222, was told that the 202 is silver and the 222 is red and that’s the only difference…
Anyhow, its all hooked up and from what I can tell my laptop recognizes it but when I try to record, nothing happens…
I’m sure its my laptop mic or a setting that I’m missing… I have followed the tutorials (which by the way are great) but
a lot of what I see on the tutorials and what I actually have on my screen are different…
I guess I’ll still play with it and hopefully it will start recording for me soon…
Thank you for your help… it is much appreciated…

The 222 also has an “S/PDIF” output, but you don’t need that. Apart from that (and the colour) they are the same.

If you’d like to post some screenshots, and link to the relevant pages of the manual, we may be able to offer some help.

Did you slide your earbuds, earphones or headphones into the 222? Can you hear the show?

Switch monitor to ON and turn the little volume control up.

Is the USB light lit?

I know it’s tempting to go right for the Big Banana, but sometimes it’s good to take it step at a time.