new user can't attch file to e-mail

I somehow stumbled through downloading, and created an audio file that was imported. I then exported this file as a wave (70 MB), and then when attaching file i rec’d a message that I was not connected to the internet. This message was being created on yahoo (they have 20MB attachment limitation if this has anthing to do with it). How do I complete the attachment? I am a pre-computer man, if you didn’t notice already, so if anyone can help take it easy on me with the lingo. i just need to complete the attachment in order to send a very important e-mail ASAP. Helppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp…Thanks

Where to start.

First, you’re posting in the wrong place. This is the place for complaining about the color of the forum banners and number of Smilies.

So now I have to start asking you stuff like: What kind of computer you have, which operating system, which email service, are you on High Speed?

Last I tried it–last week–Yahoo Mail had a 10M limit.