New user and using Audacity

First time I used Audacity this morning. Firstly can I somehow listen to what I am recording as it’s happening? Secondly I thought it would record whole cassette but it stopped after nine minutes, do you have to record a track at a time? I want to put about 200 cassettes on MP3. It’s going to take a long time. Any advice gratefully received.

Yes. Transport > Transport Options > Software Playthrough

I don’t why this happened. Perhaps you have a bad cable or cable connection.

Do you have a multi-track player ? I’m not sure what you are driving at here ?

I would also guess a bad cable connection, especially if it’s USB.

If you lose the USB connection then Windows & Audacity are no longer seeing the audio device (or if momentarily goes-away) Audacity is probably going to freeze-up completely.

If you lose an analog connection it’s going to continue to record, but record silence, or maybe you’ll just loose one channel.

No. You can record one side at a time or even leave it recording while you flip the tape over…

Thanks so much for replying so quickly.

I left a cassette recording this morning and went off for a walk. On returning I noticed the recording had stopped after nine minutes. I was expecting the whole cassette to be recorded.
Quality is more than adequate. But if I can only record one track at a time it will take an age to go through my collection. Plus I know a couple of tracks from memory are over 20 mins long.

I thought I could pop on cassette, press record and go off until finished. It’s possible as you suggested a faulty cable but unlikely I think.

Once again many thanks for your response.

I am going with you and presume a connection. Just recorded 40 mins no problem at all.
Thanks so much for advice.
Cheers guys

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