New usb mic just purchased

just got new usb mic… plugged in the usb etc
not getting any sound
been to sound in settings… done add device…
nothing happens … dots at top moving but no conclusion
can you think of anything else I can do ?

thanks for help or advice

Which microphone is it?


its this mic…

strangely … as I was trying to figure out how to get it to work, I went to audacity … clicked record and a window came up … some problem or other
I decided to uninstall audacity then reinstall
then I got audacity up and spoke into the new mic… bingo an audio
signal came up and my mic was working

the mic says £39 on that link but I got it for 32.99
Its giving exellent quality audio so Im pleased with it right now

So I think Im sorted… thanks for help

looks like we re in a new kind of forum…
and good news … the notifications are working !

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