New Update is bad

Hello Audacity Team.

I Had a lot of Many problems after the latest version of the update, which was before the best update

Where he was able to put the sound effects and edit them while playing the sound without restrictions, but the last update the feature have deleted i don’t know why, it was easy to work on it.

And problem 2 I cannot select the Hz Rate no more is deleted from down bar and i really need it,

3, Sometimes sudden freezes happen

4,After the update it became the ‘Paly-at-speed’
When adjusting the speed during the game, the sound appears distorted, and this thing was not present in the previous update

And i hop fix it real quckly i really need it and thanks, ‘for contacts

This was broken in 3.3.2 but has been fixed in 3.3.3 (not yet released). In the meantime, you can revert to an older version: Old Audacity versions download or use “real-time” effects.

Audio Setup > Audio Settings > Quality: Project Sample Rate.

I agree that the update wasn’t that good. Sometimes, it frustrates me so much I have to take a break from recording and eat a cookie LOL

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