New Update for Multi Export is Less Intuative then the Previous

I updated today and noticed no change at all Until i went to export my Audio files.
The easily understood Export all Tracks button was gone, as was all the other options for Exporting. This was very Confusing bc I need to Export more than ONE file.

It took me 3 attempts to understand how to Export Multi files AND keep the Meta Data. Bc there is no way to be warned if I didn’t add it myself. In the previous version, it always promoted me, PLUS it auto filled all of the files’ track data as long as I filled in One. This was very Convenient Bc I deal with Batches of 6 or less at a time.
Also the Option for choosing the Export location? It acts like all the files will have the one and same name.

And Finally. When I export, There is not even a name to tell me which Export has started up, Nor a count of how many left, this one is disheartening.

Although maybe you’ve figured it out after three tries, I still can’t figure out how to export multiple tracks with distinct metadata. Could you advise? Thanks.

And Audacity folks: if it isn’t broken, please don’t fix it.

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