New update changed everything, HELP!

I recently updated to the newest version of audacity and I hate it. All of the setting I am used to changed with no obvious way to fix them. Im frankly tired of testing setting and if someone cannot tell me a workaround, I will be forced to uninstall and desperately search for whichever prior version I had. I am having an issue with recording new tracks. It used to be that when I hit record, it would record a new track starting wherever I had clicked on the track. Now by default, the program is starting the recording always at the end of the track, never recording over. I have messed around with countless setting, changed the overdub, etc. Nothing has worked. I just want the recording to start where I selected like it has for years previously by default.

Any idea which version that was? Was it a 2.x.x version?

If you were using an earlier 2.x.x version, then most of the big changes are configurable so you can get the new version to look and act much like the older version if that is what you prefer. The changes that have been made to default settings are in response to user feedback.

It also used to be that to record to the end of the current track required “Shift” + Record.
That has been reversed by default, (but is configurable for the old behaviour). By default, the Record button (or “R” key) will now “append record”, and Shift + Record button (or Shift+ R) will record to a new track.
If you do a lot of multi-track recording, you may want to go back to the old behaviour, which can be found in preferences:
Edit menu → “Preferences > Recording > Always record on a new track” (see:

If you prefer the “Classic” look of the older version of Audacity, you can change that in:
“Preferences > Interface > Theme”

If you need further help, there’s always someone on this forum to help, so please do ask before reaching the point of frustration.