New, tried but all songs washed together...

Downloaded audacity 2.0.6 via .dmg on iMac, Yosemite 10.10.2
After reading manuals ,etc. when I try to record, what is playing is not what records, out of just recording three songs from turntable when I listened they were all together, all three songs playing at once, may have some practicality to someone but all I am trying to do is turn old 33 1/3 LP’s to CD through iMac then into an iTurns library. What am I doing wrong? It’s gotta be some option chosen wrong or are there any other programs for the same results? Please help! I’m lost and want to be found! Thanks

Sounds like you are recording one track at a time from the LP - much easier to record the whole side at a time and then split it up using labels and Export Multiple.

When you hit Stop and the Record, Audacity will record on a second track below the one you’ve just Stooped. You can avoid this by using Append Record - use Shift+R or Shift+record button.

Have a read of this workflow tutorial from the Manual:

It’s part of this set of Tutorials: