New tracks beginning where previous track ends, instead of "stacking"

I’ve been using Audacity for a couple of years without any problem.
When I recorded a track, and then recorded a new track, the second track appeared below the first, and they were combined.
If I recorded a third track, it was added to the previous two - and so on.
Then I installed the latest version (2.3.2), and it’s driving me nuts.
I can record the first track no problem.
But then, when I go back to the beginning and start recording a second track, that track begins where the previous track ended - on the same “timeline”, not in a new track below the previous one (it doesn’t play the previous track while recording, even though it’s set to “Play Tracks While Recording”.
What am I doing wrong?

Now you need to use Shift + Record or shortcut Shift + R to record on a new track.

If you find the old behavior preferable you can reset this in Recording Preferences

Just check “on” the Record on a new track
Then normal record will start a new track and shift-modified record will append record to the end of the existing track.