New track slipping in all my project files!!

Hi. My name is Pilar, this is my first time here, I’ve searched through the forum but I didn’t found anything similar to what’s happening to me: I made I new project and suddenly its only track is in every old project, it slipped in over them, I can’t understand what happened!!..

I use a quite old emac for recording - mac os x - 10.4.11 - processor 142 - memory 768
My audacity version is 1.2.6

I’ve been using this emac and this software for more than two years and nothing happened until today. I have all my songs saved in a directory, called 2012, for each song I have an .aup file and a data-directory. Today I started a new song, so as always I created a new project and record a track on it. After that, when I opened other file projects I found that this new track had jumped into all of them!! And, what is worst, not only it was added to the projects without me doing nothing, but it REPLACED some fragments of the old recordings: i.e. the drum track starts with drums but suddenly comes a little fragment of the new track… that’s what’s happening every time I open and old project since I recorded that new project… I restarted audacity and the computer, but the files are still mixed with the new track and if I open any other project the track fragments suddenly appear all over the old tracks…

Something it could be related:??

  • When I started audacity today I got one message I can’t remember well, but it said something about CAPS (none of my files have caps in their name)
  • The recording room only has electricity when I record, so the computer loses the data-time configuration everytime I start it… I never set it, so most of the files are from 1970 or so…

I’m freaking out… please I need some help I had 10 songs almost ready and 8 of them are ruined… I hope at least I could go back to a previous version of the projects, could I do that with de data-directories?

Thank you all in advance

p.d. I can’t remember if I installed the audacity from dmg or zip, that was very long ago.

Hi again. I’ve been checking the Crash Recovery Page ( and I will test the recovery utilities it mentions. Sorry for the hurry before.
But still, any idea about why that could happened?

You should still be concerned. Disaster Recovery in 1.2.6 was terrible. You are a bunch of revisions and updates behind. Audacity 2.0.2 is much more stable and has much better disaster recovery.

However, You should probably wait for a senior elf to jump in with specific recommendations.


Did you have the affected projects open at the same time in different Audacity windows?

Audacity saves its projects in 1 MB sized chunks of data. The most likely explanation is that (due to a bug) Audacity copied some of the chunks to different projects. If so, the 1.2 recovery tools are going to recover WAV files that have the same problem.

It’s hard to think of any other explanation. 1.2 doesn’t have any log that detects consistency problems in projects. 2.0.2 does (Help > Show Log), but it sounds as if Audacity thinks the project is OK.

If you open the projects in 2.0.2, create a new folder for each project and copy its AUP and AUP.BAK file and its _data folder into each new folder as a backup, in case 2.0.2 corrupts the project.

If Audacity overwrote some of the AU files in the projects, I think those overwritten files would still be on the drive until the computer needs the space and overwrites them with new data. You would need recovery software to find the files and your chances are very low.