New track recording picks up all previous tracks [SOLVED]

Version 2.0.3 on Vista

I want to be able to record a new track while being able to listen to previous tracks. But when I do that - the combined sound of the previous tracks gets automatically recorded onto the new track along with whatever I’m recording at the time.
Phew that took an age to formulate.
Hope you understand.
Hope you can help me sort it.

The usual reasons this happens:

  • You are not wearing headphones
  • You are recording from stereo mix or what u hear instead of the mic - see Device Toolbar
  • If you are recording through a mixer you may be sending your headphones output back to Audacity to be recorded (for example by sending the control room output instead of the main output).

If that does not help, please give complete details of what you are recording and all the equipment connections.


Thanks for replying.

I have worked out the problem.
I need to set the Input Device (on the Device Toolbar) to the device I am using.
The problem was that the device I was using was not listed in the Input Device drop-down list.
I fixed it by going to Transport/Rescan Audio Devices
…and my microphone appeared in the input device list.