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Gentlemen, and I mean that

My older Dell with Windows XP has crashed. My new HP has Windows 8. Obviously I need to download and reinstall Audacity. Now…what about Lame for Audacity…where can I get that for the new Windows…and most likely I’ll need a new driver for my Presonus Audiobox, correct? Any help would be appreciated as I need to get back to work asap.


Bob H


Here’s the latest link as per the FAQ:

Google is your friend for Presonus:

Hope this helps.


Thanks, Damien.

You don’t actually need a new version of lame_enc.dll if your old version was working in Audacity 2.x.

You will probably want to read in case you have to enable inputs in Windows “Sound” so that Audacity can see them, or need to make AudioBox or other devices record real stereo instead of putting one channel into both channels.