New to this help with sound quality

I am recording my dance records through my computer using a turntable, mixer and Audacity. When i record the track it starts off really quiet then when the bass kicks in goes really loud and stays at this level. Everytime during the record where there is no bass it goes really quiet then again raises when there is bass. Any ideas what i need to do?.


I suspect that you are just connecting your TT directly to your PC without going through a pre-amp, right?

If that is the case the you need to pass the signal through a pre-amp/hi-fi amp with a Phono input. The circuitry in the phono section in the pre-amp will apply the necessay RIAA equalisation. This should give you the bass back.

Basically, when recording engineers cut the master, they apply RIAA equalisation to prevent major stylus excursions on heavy bass/sudden sound - you need to restore this on the way out.



will a mixer not do this, that is what i am using at the moment?.

Or will i need to run the tt though the mixer then mixer to stereo, then out headphone socket of stereo into computer will that work?

The mixer almost certainly doesn’t have a pre-amp.

I would go TT=>stereo=>PC directly for preference

or try TT=>stereo=>mixer=>PC - if you are trying to mix othe signals in real time (you can always add new tracks later instead of course)

in both cases be careful of the gain setting (volume) on the stereo - start low and slowly increase.


Sorry for being stupid shall i run it tt into line in on stereo then out headphone socket in the computer?

You need a Phono input not a line-in - it is only a phono input (may be labelled as TT input on the amp) that will have the RIAA.

A line-in or Aux-in will not have the necessary RIAA.

If you cannot find such an amp or socket on your amp - then I think you may be able to apply the RIAA in software via Audacity after capture - but it is generally thought to be much better to do it with hardware prior to capture,


but it is generally thought to be much better to do it with hardware prior to capture,

Correction: it is certainly better to use a phono pre-amp.

Some stereo receivers have phono inputs. If you don’t, you’ll need to buy something like this:
The signal chain should look like this: turntable → phono pre-amp → Line In input (on computer). Set Audacity to record from the Line In.

If you have a receiver with a phono input, then the signal chain should look like this:
turntable → phono input (on receiver) → Aux or Line out or similar (on receiver) → Line In input (on computer).