new to this forum - new to Windows 8 - can't record

Hi! And thanks in advance for your help.

I just bought a Windows 8 HP yesterday. I am trying to set up Audacity. The input device and input channels pull down menus are completely blank. I’ve checked my drivers. They seem to be up to date and they are 64 bit.

So I’ve checked my recording devices tab. There are only 2 options, microphone and line in, and both say not plugged in. Of course, I want to record through my sound card. In the device manager the sound controller is listed as Realtek High Definition Audio.

I installed from the .exe installer just now. I am completely baffled, which of course, is not an uncommon issue. :smiley: Any thoughts or opinions would be appreciated. I’d like to record from my computer, something I’ve been able to do.


Go through the checks here listed here for Windows Vista and 7

making sure you are showing disabled devices in Windows. If “stereo mix”, “wave out” or similar for recording computer playback then appears, enable that device. Also enable microphone and line-in if you want to use them.

If you still don’t see “stereo mix” or similar, use the drivers check tool on the HP site to make sure you have the latest audio drivers.

There are other alternative ways to record computer playback listed at the bottom of .