New to podcasting. questions.

I plan on using audacity to edit and record it, but im unsure as to what microphone to use. I plan on having 3-4 people per podcast.

I looked at a conference mic, which looks like my best bet at this point because it takes in audio from all directions. i would just like to know if this is the correct cheap method to use. if not can someone give me a cheap (under $50) alternative?

Almost anything will work because that’s not the problem people run into them they start podcasting. You need to be careful about the room you’re recording in. Omnidirectional microphones pick up all the actors – and the reflections and echoes of the room.

This was a production mistake, but I saved it because it shows the problems the room can have. Perfectly good mic and the actor is very good.

Instant 12 year old trying to record in mom’s kitchen.

The other common problem people have is “of course we want to have people Skype in to the podcast.”

Call-ins put you straight into multi-hundred dollar production category and sometimes not even then.

So yes, if you stay in four people talking around a table in a dead quiet room (Charlie Rose), you’re all set.


Is there a Method, to Record, your own Voice, and Download it to a CD, through your Computers, using Audacity.
Or some other means.
I want to Record, My Voice, to CD, using my computer so it comes out as an Audio, CD.
Thank You.

You will need to use additional* “CD burning” software to put your audio file on a CD …

[ * can be free ]