New to making audio

Hi I’m new to making audio tracks and my problem is that I need to know if it’s possible for me to upload a backing track then record along side it with my Harmonica. I’ve spend many hours on line searching and the only software I’ve seen that can be used for this is GarageBand But it only works in Apple Mac?
I came accross Audasity and I like the look of it, but I seem to have a mental block when I try to sort out my problem. I intend to export my stuff to UTube many times if I can get to grips with this Technology :blush:
I have the Abelton 9 on my PC bt it’s far to complex for my aged Brain :laughing:
I intend to make the audios then add it to some Video clips to finalize my projects.
Kind regards. John

The video clips are up to you. Audacity won’t manage video.

There is a pre-baked instruction set for overdubbing/sound-on-sound.

Audacity > Edit > Recording: [X]Overdub… (select).

Leave everything else off. That setting will play your existing tracks to your headphones while you record new ones. That’s the simplified version.

The MUTE and SOLO buttons to the left of each track allow you to turn on and off each track as you add new ones. If you don’t manage it, each new track will play along with all the others. Some people only listen to the drum or rhythm track as they pile up instruments for their song.

There is a “latency” adjustment. When you add a new track, it may not line up with the others. That latency exercise adjusts Audacity so all the tracks start at the same time.

There is one serious shortcoming. You can’t hear your live performance while you play it. Just all the old tracks. When you get done with a track, that becomes one of the old tracks.

You may have a microphone or sound device which will allow you to hear your live performance. I found three of them; one microphone, one stereo USB interface and one microphone amplifier. In those cases, you listen to the microphone (for example), not the computer.

Let us know where you get stuck.


There are [unofficial] tutorial videos showing how to do that on YouTube ,
e.g. …

Slightly off topic - Make sure your backing tracks are not copyrighted if you’re uploading to YouTube. The music (the “tune” and lyrics if any) may be copyrighted and the recording may be separately copyrighted.

There is the Audacity YouTube Curse you should be aware of.

There is no stern teacher to rap someone’s knuckles with a ruler if they create a YouTube video wrong, and nobody ever goes back to correct a YouTube video for the current version of Audacity.

Those two items are the major reasons we don’t have any official videos, although video instruction would seem like an obvious, no-brainer. Actually, it’s a major brainer. Step one: submit a script for approval. Whut? Yeah, too many people dive right into an instruction video; warts, mistakes, typos and all. Then they submit and blow on to something else.

“I made a video isn’t this cool?” No, and here is a list of the mistakes…

Yell when you get stuck. Please note instruction step one is make a good, clear recording. If you can’t make a good, plain and simple recording, you will never get overdubbing to work. We can help with the simple recording, too.


Thank you guys for you r help. I’ve now been able to advance a bit more in understanding how to solve my problem, especially that UTube video. I now have yet another problem that when I upload my backing track then record my Music along side it, I can hardly hear my track even with volume turned up high. I dropped the Backing track to a lower volume play back too.
But I’ll keep trying to advance and keep you guys informed. I record through my interface Scartlet 2i4 with a Tascam TM 80 mic.