New to Mac Version


I am using version OS 10.10.3

I have been using Audacity for years on a PC, but have quite recently switched to a MAC to do my podcast.

I am currently using version 2.0.6 and want to upgrade it to latest version to match my PC. However, I am having nothing but trouble. I deleted the old version from my applications, downloaded the new version, dragged it to the applications folder as per instructed by the DMG file. When I go to run it it tells that it can’t run because damaged or altered files. I restore the previous version and all is well. Is there a detailed update procedure somewhere? Am I missing something?



You need to drag the “Audacity” folder from the DMG into Applications. The “damaged or missing files” may be the Nyquist support files.

If that does not help, please tell us the exact error message you receive.

– Bill

I did exactly what I did to install the original version of Audacity. Here is the complete sequence of the events:

  1. Opened Finder
  2. Moved version 2.0.6 of audacity from applications to trash.
  3. Downloaded the current version of audacity from:
  4. Opened the downloaded DMG file.
  5. Followed on screen instructions and dragged the audacity folder to the apps folder.
  6. Waited for it to complete.
  7. Opened Launch pad
  8. Opened Audacity
  9. Received error message that it could not load due to damaged or changed files.
  10. Deleted audacity 2.1.0 and restored 2.0.6 from the trash.
  11. No errors encountered

I did this procedure twice now.

I’ve recently had the same thing with an older Adobe installer on Yosemite.

Could you try restarting your Mac before moving the new Audacity folder from the .dmg to your Applications folder?

I think the reason is some app hanging in the background. In my case it was Pages. It took even a while to force quit it.

That did the trick. I rebooted after I moved the old version to the trash. After the restart I installed the new version and all is working or at least appears to be.