New to Audacity Video/sound problem

Hi everyone,
I am new to Audacity and video editing in general and came across a problem while I was trying to get the sound to work. I have Corel Video Studio Pro X4. I went ahead and put all the video clips together and then decided that I wanted to clean up the sound for it. However, when I put what I think is one clip in Audacity, I realize that it took the whole 45 minutes of sound. Am I not saving the clips correctly, or is do I need to start over? I am lost right now and not sure how to proceed. THanks for all your help.
I have Windows 7 and installed Audacity with .exe installer.


See if you can get Corel to export a sound clip in WAV format. It should allow you to set two markers in the timeline (in and out) and go. Consult your instructions, each editor works a little different. Once you get your clip, Import it into Audacity and then, when you’re done, Export a WAV from Audacity and Import it back into your movie.

Remember Audacity will not Save a sound file.

There is no “cleanup” button. Most common sound errors are permanent. We’ll see how it goes.