New to Audacity..very slow loading

Upon recommendation by a good friend I’m excited now have Audacity. I just installed 2.1.3.
Having fun exporting individual choral parts as wav files from Finale and being able to isolate them as tracks in Audacity…to teach parts for choir rehearsal.
One annoyance. It takes almost a minute (really close to a minute) for Audacity to open Once open it’s very quick to load files and works well.
Dell CoreM3, 4gig, intel solid state drive(lots of space) Win 10 64 bit

No other program takes this long, not Sound Forge, nor Reaper
Any thoughts?

Newbie Glenn

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Perhaps your anti-virus / security products are scanning Audacity before allowing it to launch. If that’s the case, then you could manually scan it (for safety) and then white-list it.

Another possibility is that there are plug-ins installed on your machine that Audacity can’t handle. Have a look in “Help > Show Log” to see if there are any clues there.